Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My sister is making these cute hair clips! If you are interested in them let me know and you can come up and see them! They are super cute!


  1. Hey Tessa,

    It's Kelly Williams. Your little guy is so adorable! Those hair clips are pretty adorable too. I think I might have to have some. How can I get them?

  2. VERY CUTE header photo!
    The family by the tree... love it!
    Who is making these? Which sister?
    Carli? More info please.


  3. Ruthie, I'm guessing by the name Rose Bug that Carli Rose is making these! They aRe super adorable- and I will for sure be needing some for my two little terds! AND I need to come see that hunka burnin' love of yours- I don't mean Alan!

  4. ok please tell me where i can get these, they are adorable and would look soooo cute on Evelyn. that is so exciting Dane got blessed. I think there is nothing sweeter.