Monday, January 24, 2011

Miss Jentry is one month!! She is doing awesome and Dane is starting to like her! Dane has been so sick he had the stomach bug and now he is teething and he has never been this bad! I feel so bad for him! Alan got in his crib with him so he could snuggle him! He is a funny little boy the things we have to do to please him but we love him. Jentry is getting to be just like him has to be held all the time just like brother! It is kind of hard to try and balance everything out so one doesn't get to mad for too long when your giving attention to the other. Dane requires LOTS of it! But we are all learning!


  1. Super Mommy! I don't know how you do it and look great already!! Love you and those babies!!

  2. Such cute babies you make there Tessa. (I know Alan helped too.)


  3. You are amazing sis! I love and miss you guys!

  4. Tessa,
    I must come and see you and the two babies or meet in Mesquite.
    I've not been on the computer for so long but I was thrilled to see you and your family.
    We are fine.
    Let me know when your in town.
    Did you know the hair academy is moving next Saturday to a great new home, it is by the Huntsman office so it is easier and quicker for me to attend.
    I think of you often even tho I don't let you know.
    Grandma Pearl