Thursday, June 30, 2011

Life has been pretty crazy with these two babies!! They are both getting to big way to fast! Dane loves his sissy so much and i love to hear him say sissy it is so cute! He is starting to love to help get her diaper and wipes and put bows in her hair and then rip them right out! But he does not love to share with her!! He gets so mad when she sits in the swing or bouncer or lays on the floor with toys he trys to pull her out by the head, so Miss Jentry is my hip girl!! But oh how she loves that. She really is so sweet she is always a happy little girl. I am so thankful for that. She is now 6 months and Dane is 19 months. Dane is saying lots of words and it really is so cute to hear him say them. His favorite food is hot dogs, chicken, sausage, waffles, fruit snacks and cheese. He is such a funny kid. He loves his blanket so much. He sticks the corner of it up his nose and falls asleep he is so wierd. But it works for him. Jentry is a thumb sucker. It is really cute right now but little nervous cause that is something I can't take away. I love these two so much and could not imagine life without them!!


  1. Your kids are seriously so cute!!! I am glad to see that you are enjoying having them so close. I am getting a little nervous for my next since he and Brielle will only be 16 months apart. But you make it look so easy. Darling kids!

  2. I agree with Danielle. I LOVE the family picture up top. So fun. You're such a babe Tessa!

  3. Tessa,
    It has been a long time since I've looked at blogs. You are just as cute as ever. I do hope we get to see each other in person.
    Your little name sake, my granddaughter Tessa just turned 4 and she is as cute as a button.
    I'm so glad I can still view your blog.
    I need to start again.
    Grandma Pearl